Every year in Queenstown, New Zealand, the all free flying community of the city is flying over town to commemorate Jimmy Truelove, a brilliant and beloved professional Paragliding pilot who passed away  in a sailplane accident a few years back.

As the new zealanders knows how to celebrate life, His friends decided to célébrate his memory in the best positive way.

An event where every pilot concern would fly over the Queenstown bay pulling the best maneuvers they can possibly do over the population of the town watching this spectacle from the beach.

This accro show is not a competition but just a moment of friendship, an inflatable landing pontoon is set a few meters from the shore to add up some spectacle. It’s really fun to watch the pilots landing or missing their landings on it!

I would like to share this short video of Wolfi, probably the most well known hand-gliding pilot this day, swooping at high speed over the harbor of queenstown.

Enjoy !

wolfi NZ swoop

Here is the keel shot from my landing last night at the Jimmy Jumble in Queenstown bay.After all these tandems this summer it´s so good to go out and do what i love the most and get loose!I just love that shit! #hanggliding

Publié par Wolfgang Siess sur lundi 21 mars 2016

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