Discovery paragliding flight in Annecy


This is a tandem flight in a paraglider performed before noon in the peaceful morning hours while the weather conditions are pleasantly mild. It’s the perfect moment to float lightly through the soft air above Annecy and its surroundings. With a take-off more than 800 metres above the sea-level that unveils a scenic view, you won’t believe your own eyes! This paragliding flight is perfectly suited for children or those who suffer from seasickness because the air is very calm… You’ll float under the paraglider wing for 10 to 20 minutes.

Haven’t yet had your fill of adventure and thrill, although it’s your discovering flight in a paraglider ? Tell your pilot ! Even if it’s your first paragliding flight, he’ll be excited to make your adrenaline rush through your veins performing some of his most impressive wingovers and spiral dives! However, if it shows out that this isn’t your cup of tea, your instructor will be pleased to stabilise the glider and just let you enjoy having a breath of fresh air.

10 to 20 min
Max. 95 kg (209 lb)
Video on demand

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Discovery flight: what’s this tandem paragliding flight like ?

You’ll drive from Doussard, a charming little village near Annecy, to the Montmin take-off. It’s an approximately 20-minute up-hill drive together with the merry Tangata Manu team and the other paragliding passengers. Once at the top of the mountain looking out on the staggering view of Lake Annecy, you’ll be kit out with a helmet and a harness while listening carefully to your paraglider-instructor’s security instructions. Although you might have heard people talk about a paragliding jump, a paragliding take-off has nothing to do with leaping: the paraglider will progressively carry you up in the air from the ground-covering carpet.

Once on the wing and if you wish, your pilot will offer you some exciting acrobatic moves, so as to ad an extra thrill to your tandem flight !

Landing is as easy as falling off a log: get ready to stand up or, if your pilot decides so, lift your legs in order to gently land on the soft shock-absorbing pillow.

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