Up-draft paragliding flight in Annecy


Offer yourself the big leap… in a paraglider ! This up-draft option is an afternoon flight. The aim of the game: discover the entire range of possibilities that this soft aircraft provides. Fly extremely close to the craggy cliffs, jump from one mighty rock to another increasing your chances to find up-drafts thus maintaining your altitude and go even up above the take-off. These lifting zones, also called thermals, are composed of hot airstream and help  the paraglider gain altitude.

If you don’t feel comfortable when the glider moves shiveringly, then your paragliding instructor will take you back to a calm area over the sparkling turquoise waters of Lake Annecy. After the big leap from the Forclaz mountain pass, you’ll be up in the air for around 20 to 30 minutes. The flight duration varies significantly according to several factors, such as the weather conditions, your weight and what you fancy !

20 to 30 min
Max. 125 kg (275 lb)
Video on demand

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What’s this big leap into the void in a paraglider like ?

Don’t confuse paragliding with parachuting o skydiving ! To leave the ground, a take-off in a paraglider rather requires a couple of running steps followed by an assisted launch than an actual jump.

Once you’re carried by the wing, your instructor will search for lifting thermals, which are helpful up-drafts for paragliders. They are numerous and fairly predictable in Annecy and therefore provide excellent conditions for us to offer you the magical feeling of drifting in the air, just like a bird of prey that circles majestically in the thermals.

With the adrenalin option, TangataManu will offer you fa series of exciting thrills: spiral dives, steep turns… You’ll experience the tightening g-force, or on the contrary, feel totally weightless for a few seconds… Simply a wonderful feeling !

Discover the Prestigious paragliding flight for an even longer “leap” in a paraglider !

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