Prestigious hang-gliding flight in Annecy


The most appropriate moment of the day for flying is dedicated to the Prestigious hang-gliding flight to make the most of the areology and weather conditions. We will take it off the beaten track and explore the wild and unspoilt nature.

This third hang-gliding option offers the longest flight, and it’s therefore possible to travel far and wide flying over the various natural reserves around Lake Annecy.

A hang-glider is built to go sky-high and offers a stunning panoramic bird’s-eye view of Mont Blanc.  You can even get a peek of a large part of the Alps: the Jura mountains as well as Switzerland’s and Italy’s mountain chains.

30 to 45 min
Max. 85 kg (187 lb)
Video on demand

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The prestigious flight is simply the best of all tandem hang-gliding flights!

Among our different hang-gliding flights, the prestigious flight option is the most comprehensive. This 30 to 45-minute tandem flight gives you the time to fully appreciate the amazing feeling of a hang-gliding flight and thoroughly absorb the breathtaking view of Lake Annecy and its surroundings.

Even in the summertime, it’s recommended to bring long-sleeved clothes for this exclusive option ! The hang-glider might climb rather high… You should know that we loose around 6°C every 1000 metres (3820’10”) !

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