Our tandem hang-gliding flights


Take off for a tandem hang-gliding flight above Lake Annecy

A discovery, up-draft or prestigious hang-gliding flight is a matchless experience on the wing to offer or to enjoy !

Hang-gliding is the initial free-flight activity. Whether you’re on your own or with a tandem pilot, this is the most fascinating way to fly! After a perfectly simple and easy take-off, we’ll lay down in the harnesses and glide smoothly with the wings in the back. The breathtaking scenery will pass right before our eyes while the hang-glider will take a turn and you’ll feel the exhilarating glide… However, do be careful ! You easily become addicted to this extraordinary feeling of emotions running through your body : after a gentle landing on the wheels in your flying position, you’ll definitely hunger after another flight !

For you to experience this incredible sport, Tangata Manu has selected one of the most beautiful sites in France: Lake Annecy !  The scenery is outstandingly picturesque and the winds are particularly favourable.

It’s right here, in the Haute Savoie region, in the middle of the Alps, a few kilometres from Mont Blanc, between the Bauges and the Aravis nature reserves that you’ll experience your first flight in a hang-glider.

Hang-gliding: Isn’t it dangerous?

Since it appeared for the first time in the early 1960s, hang-gliding has unceasingly been improved regarding performance but has also become easier to use. Today, modern materials, manufacturing processes and aviation standards together guarantee an efficient and safe aircraft in any imaginable condition it might face.

What’s a tandem flight like?

In a hang-gliding tandem flight, you’ll go hang-gliding together with a pilot. During your tandem flight, you’ll lay down comfortably right next to your pilot, each in a harness, fastened to the hang-glider.

Why is hang-gliding so fantastic?

In a hang-glider, you fly just like a bird: an accurate and smooth glide, a swift take-off and an easy landing on almost any possible ground. Even in a tandem hang-glider, it feels inborn to lay down while flying. Soon you’ll forget the wings in the back. The hang-glider also benefits from a vast flight envelope both suited for flying remarkably slowly to work the small lifts smoothly and for much higher speed levels to play and to safely handle a potential quirk of wind. Sometimes during the flight, the hang-glider piques other birds’ curiosity. They come close and share a precious moment flying together with us.

What are the drawbacks of hang-gliding?

Unlike a paraglider and due to its weight and size, a hang-glider isn’t convenient to hike with nor to seek take-offs far away and off the beaten track. Still, with a little planning and organisation, you can take off from nearly any official free flight take-off site.