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Hang-gliding & paragliding flights in Annecy

Tangata Manu, “the flying fellow”, invites you to embark on the adventure and discover the two most fascinating free flying activities: hang-gliding and paragliding.

Free flight in a tandem hang-glider or paraglider copies Nature almost perfectly and gives you the chance to fly in stilly silence while taking advantage of the invisible wind and lifting currents, which you identify much easier with experience… Go ahead and titillate your senses! Experience the most beautiful kind of flying: a flight without any engine, which simply requires you to pick up speed and launch from the mountain fells.

Just as the Tangata Manu pilotes, flying fellows from all over the world are drawn here to the Haute Savoie region, to enjoy the exceptionally favourable conditions for hang-gliding and paragliding. The free flight hill site at Col de la Forclaz is undoubtedly one of the World’s best-suited spots for flying, not only because of its breathtaking scenery but also thanks to the the smooth breeze of Lake Annecy, which ensures perfect flying conditions almost every day!

We strive to offer you first-class service. Therefore, we take the time to prepare for your flight and make sure that you fully enjoy it. For instance, compared to other agencies, we dedicate an additional 30 minutes for your discovery hang-gliding flight… We believe that such an extraordinary experience must be a success !

Whether you opt for a hang-gliding or a paragliding tandem flight, the Tangata Manu will rally all their experience, passion and enthusiasm to give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Let yourself glide smoothly through the mild air soaring like a real bird! Choose the option that fits you best. Launch from above Lake Annecy and head for a breezy and unforgettable experience that you won’t regret…

Hang-glidingor paragliding ?

Go hang-gliding for a pure thrill

How to summarize a tandem hang-gliding flight? SIMPLY THE BEST ! Hang-gliding is the most pristine form of flying. Lying in a harness with wings in your back, you’ll appreciate a natural and smooth glide. It’s the experience of the Golden Eagle wheeling majestically around in the up-drafts ready to rush swiftly and with accuracy towards its prey… This is the spirit of Tangata Manu: it’s no longer just a dream, you actually do glide through the stream of mild air… What a thrill !

Sometimes during the flight, the glider piques the curiosity of other birds, coming close and sharing a precious moment flying together with us.

Go paragliding to absorb the stunning views

ZEN, sitting comfortably in a harness in front of the pilot, paragliding offers you the chance to see the world from a different angle. Drifting in the soft air, you’ll take the time to admire the spectacular landscape that passes by under your feet. The aim of the game is to find the thermals, climb and, if possible, to fly far and wide. Discovery paragliding flight

Those seeking a thrilling experience will not be left behind if choosing a discovery paragliding flight : if you hanker after more, your pilot will be excited to perform some exhilarating spiral dives or wild wing-overs to make you feel the adrenaline flow through your veins !

Hang-gliding, paragliding : preparing for your first tandem flight

Prepare yourself for your discovery flight in a hang-glider or in a paraglider

Whether you have a hang-glider or a paraglider above your head, it might seem rather hazardous to jump off from a mountain… And yet, nothing would feel more natural! Your feet will barely have left the ground and all your fear will disappear : you’ll straight off reckon that you’re perfectly safe in the hands of your instructor.

Are you nevertheless a little anxious about your first flight ? Or, on the contrary, you can’t wait until you’ll overfly Lake Annecy ? Here are some suggestions to prepare for your big leap.

What should I wear for this first flight ?

Simply wear closed shoes and clothes appropriate to the weather of the day. During low-season, a jacket and gloves are a good idea to fully appreciate your flight.

How do I get to the take-off ?

When the Big Day has come, go to the landing field near the party hall (salle des fêtes) in the outskirts of Doussard village, Route de la Plaine. It’s a modern building surrounded by fields and a large car park, so you cannot miss it! From there, we’ll take you and your instructors to the take-off at the Col de la Forclaz. At the take-off, some security information will help you realize what to expect from the flight.

How can I get a souvenir from my first flight ?

Upon your request, you can have videos and pictures from your unforgettable hang-gliding or paragliding adventure taken during the flight. We always take the camera aboard, so you can even decide after the flight to take the pictures and videos with you back home.

TangataManu ? Who is that ? What is that ?

Tangata Manu, is above all a man... A flying fellow!

Hang-gliding came to me somewhat by chance. An idea between childhood friends: learn to fly hang-glider… After a training course in the Pyrenees, we were all hooked. It soon became our way to explore the mystery of the mountains and hang out with friends.

After a few years, my passion had become all-consuming, and I had to make a decision. Should I rather choose to go to University to study economics than follow my adventurous heart? I decided to head for the United States to learn the ropes of hang-gliding. Three years later and after having flown all kinds of gliders, learned about hang-gliding flight mechanics, supervised hang-gliding on a beginners’ field, taught aero-towed hang-gliding techniques, participated in competitions… I went home to France straight to Annecy, the mecca for hang-gliding in Europe, where I settled down. For 10 years, I’ve alternated summer seasons between hang-gliding in Annecy and hang-gliding and paragliding in New Zealand.

Today, with Tangata Manu, “the flying fellow” in Maori language, I feel it’s high time to capitalize on my experience. I and my team want you to fly high and fully live this fantastic adventure. And we guarantee you’ll be thrilled…

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