Prestigious paragliding flight in Annecy


TangataManu will do everything to pinpoint the absolute optimal moment of the day for this option. The Prestigious paragliding flight lasts about 30 to 45 min… It’s your chance to explore Annecy and its unspoilt surroundings, but also to take it even further and travel over the captivating scenery sumptuously covering the Haute Savoie region. This is your golden opportunity to climb high and sometimes even above the surrounding mountains! You’ll gaze at our planet from a fresh perspective.

Discover the pleasure of flying high and go the limit!

30 to 45 min
Max. 125 kg (275 lb)
Video on demand

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Prestigious paragliding option: book your flight

Call or email us to book your flight the day that fits you best. It’s recommended to send a text message to the TangataManu team one or two days prior to your flight in order to confirm the booking, as it depends on the weather conditions. We will postpone your flight if the weather forecast isn’t favourable so as to spare you a long and useless drive.

Your paragliding pics and flight video

Your instructor will take video and pictures of your flight with a wide-angle camera, exactly as he does during the other paragliding or hang-gliding flights. You can choose to purchase the camera’s memory media after your flight. It’s a convenient souvenir, easy to take with you home and share on the social media.

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