Our tandem paragliding flight


A tandem paragliding flight to discover Lake Annecy from a bird’s-eye view

A paragliding tandem flight: the sweet feeling of freedom floating in the air... A matchless experience on the wing to offer or to enjoy !

Paragliding has tempted you for a while; your friends have done it, you’ve watched an uncounted number of flying videos… But still you have a little frisson on anxiety ? Don’t worry, today, paragliding is easily accessible to all ! Of course to adults, but also to children, people with reduced mobility and to the over-50s… Everybody can peacefully discover the joys of paragliding floating above the mountains free as a bird and in serene silence.

Your qualified pilot will kit you out with a harness and a helmet whereupon he’ll simply explain what the take-off, the flight and the landing will be like. Aren’t you sure you’ll do the right thing ? Don’t you worry! Your instructor is professional and has lots of experience. Your fear will soon disappear into thin air and shortly you’ll placidly enjoy the sweet drift over Lake Annecy.

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How was paragliding invented ?

Developed from the parachute (although it has nothing to do with a parachute jump nor with skydiving), paragliding is based on improvements of this flexible wing. Since the 1980s, this airborne activity has experienced an ever-increasing popularity. With more than 25 000 registered pilots in France, it’s become the most appreciated and wide-spread among free flight activities.

What’s a tandem paragliding flight?

Unlike a tandem flight in a hang-glider, where the pilot and the passenger lay down side by side, the tandem flight in a paraglider is lengthwise: in a sitting position each in a harness, the passenger lounges in front of the pilot. Thus, the passenger can comfortably absorb the stunning view of the twinkling Lake Annecy and the magically extensive surrounding mountains.

Why is paragliding so fantastic?

Light and almost pocket-sized, you can take your paraglider to take-offs far from the beaten tracks. This activity has become extremely popular, as it’s uncomplicated to learn and fairly cheap. Slow-moving and with a substantial wing surface, whatever your age and however you’re built, you can enjoy the free flight without an engine in a paraglider.

What are the drawbacks of paragliding?

Because of the paraglider’s limited speed range, the pilot must refrain from flying in strong wind.